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10 Healthy Eating Guidelines

Most people have a general idea of what foods are healthy and which ones are not so healthy. The biggest problem is sticking to a healthy eating plan. We are probably going to be mentioning this repeatedly: Healthy eating is the first step towards looking and feeling good….(supplements, protein, weights all come after healthy eating).

You want to look good and you certainly want to feel good.

You don’t want to feel like this:


You want to feel like this:


Over the next few weeks we are going to motivate and educate you about the latest in healthy eating. This post is to remind us about the basic healthy eating guidelines. You hopefully know them already but it’s always good to be reminded.

10 Healthy Eating Guidelines:
1. Eat more vegetables. Green ones are the best. Eat at least 3 servings of veggies a day. Fruit is also good but they contain a lot of sugar so depending on what you want to achieve you might need to cut down on the fruit.

2. Eat good carbs like brown rice and sweet potatoes and try to avoid bad carbs like bread, cookies and cake.

3. Eat protein found in meat, egg whites, seafood and dairy products. Although do try to restrict the dairy products.

4. Manage portion sizes. For carbs and meat a good estimate per meal would be a fist size.

5. Drink plenty of fresh, clean water. An average sedentary 70kg man should drink 2 liters per day. If you are bigger and more active you will need to drink more water.

6. Avoid refined white sugar like the plague. And also anything that contains a lot of sugar. Check the labels! Fat-free usually means high in sugar which is just as bad if not worse!

7. Avoid processed foods and try to eat more natural foods.

8. Restrict your alcohol intake and remember that some drinks are better than others. Sometimes the ton of sugar in the cocktail is worse than the alcohol.

9. Prepare your meals. Preparing meals avoids you eating something that’s unhealthy but easy to get hold of. Because when you are hungry it’s more difficult to make healthy food choices.

10. Don’t skip meals and make time to eat. Generally 3 meals a day with a snack in between is good. Not skipping meals is important for when you are trying to lose weight and when you are trying to build muscle.