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Growing the facial hair alphabet

20141007-130032-46832435.jpgThere’s a guy in New York, Mike Allen, who spent 2 years growing the whole alphabet on his face. It’s a slightly odd thing to do but also mildly inspiring…. So facial hair is not only about changing your look, for some it’s about getting creative and having some fun. According to Mike his reason for growing the facial hair alphabet was because of a bet between friends. “I bet you can’t grow the whole alphabet on your face!” Challenge accepted.
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Should you or should you not grow a beard?

If you have been considering if you should grow a beard or not, here are some reasons for growing a beard and some reasons not to… Perhaps they can help you make your decision.

12 Reasons for you to start growing a beard

1. It makes you feel and look masculine.

2. A beard demands respect from others.

3. You can hide things in it.

4. Beautiful women (and likely other people too) will want to touch it and caress it.

5. A beard can hide acne scars, double chin, no chin, long chin and any other imperfections.

6. It makes good looking men look manly and good looking.

7. A beard can give you a different look. With facial hair you can constantly change your look.

8. It keeps you warm on glaciers and other cold areas.

9. A beard turns a boy into a man.

10. You can turn it into artwork or become creative with it.

11. People will consider you smarter, wiser, confident and more dominant.

12. A beard is a conversation starter.

12. 4 Reasons for not growing a beard

1. You can’t.

2. You are not allowed.

3. Your boss, wife, girlfriend says you are not allowed.

4. You can’t.

*If you are a male and you can’t grow a beard, don’t despair, if you are still young maybe you just need to wait a few years. If you feel you not being able to grow a beard is due to medical reasons, please see your doctor. If you are one of those men who, unfortunately, are not able to grow a beard even if you wait long and try hard… Our sympathies. Let’s focus on your guns!

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The Beard vs the Razor blade

20141005-212101-76861024.jpgThe beard or the blade, which one will prevail in the end?

If you google the words “razor blade sales” the suggested options which come up are: razor blade sales drop and razor blade sales down… Men are starting to grow more facial hair and as a result razor blade sales are not doing as well as they used to.

“Over the last few years razor companies have sat absolutely horrified as they watched the rise in facial hair’s popularity and the corresponding fall in the sale of blades.”

According to the Wall Street Journal sales in leading razor brands like Schick have fallen by at least 6% from 2012. The reasons for this seem to be the increased marketing of cheaper razor blades but also that more men are growing facial hair.

The battle between the beard and the blade is on…which one do you think will stand the test of time?