Should you or should you not grow a beard?

If you have been considering if you should grow a beard or not, here are some reasons for growing a beard and some reasons not to… Perhaps they can help you make your decision.

12 Reasons for you to start growing a beard

1. It makes you feel and look masculine.

2. A beard demands respect from others.

3. You can hide things in it.

4. Beautiful women (and likely other people too) will want to touch it and caress it.

5. A beard can hide acne scars, double chin, no chin, long chin and any other imperfections.

6. It makes good looking men look manly and good looking.

7. A beard can give you a different look. With facial hair you can constantly change your look.

8. It keeps you warm on glaciers and other cold areas.

9. A beard turns a boy into a man.

10. You can turn it into artwork or become creative with it.

11. People will consider you smarter, wiser, confident and more dominant.

12. A beard is a conversation starter.

12. 4 Reasons for not growing a beard

1. You can’t.

2. You are not allowed.

3. Your boss, wife, girlfriend says you are not allowed.

4. You can’t.

*If you are a male and you can’t grow a beard, don’t despair, if you are still young maybe you just need to wait a few years. If you feel you not being able to grow a beard is due to medical reasons, please see your doctor. If you are one of those men who, unfortunately, are not able to grow a beard even if you wait long and try hard… Our sympathies. Let’s focus on your guns!

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